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About Nerdy Foodies ?

My name is Deno. Welcome to Nerdy Foodies! 

My goal is to eat a meal in every single country around the world while teaching people about the history of food culture one plate at a time.

Next time you sit down in front of meal, before you eat ask yourself – how did this meal find its way in front of you?

I believe that every meal has a story to tell.

The journey of all those ingredients combined by loving hands and knowledge passed down over hundreds (if not thousands) of years is sitting in front of you.

Look…I’m not some Michelin trained chef from Paris or a fancy food snob. I’m just an ordinary foodie like you.

I’ll tuck into plate of brisket in Austin, Texas or enjoy a Michelin starred plate of sea bass on the Croatian coast with equal enthusiasm.

Sure, I can cook. I’ve even worked a few dinner services in my day. But even more so, I LOVE to eat!

And I love people. One of my favorite things to do is talk to chefs and restaurant owners everywhere I go.

I love listening to the origin stories behind each restaurant. Small food trucks and big chain restaurants. They all have incredible stories.

Every dish has an origin. Some are passed down from family recipes. Others are invented by creative and highly trained chefs.

The results are the same. We love them.

Modern food culture continues to evolve as various cuisines find their way around the world and fuse together with the dishes in their new lands.

I would love to be your guide and introduce you to new cuisines.

Follow along as this rag tag band of foodies from all around the world comes together to explore the gastronomical delights this planet has to offer.

Even better…join us! Contact me directly here if you want write for us, submit videos, or if you just want to show us around your city!

And always remember: Food has no borders!

Thank you for reading my story.

Chef Deno