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List of 30 Countries With the Most Michelin Stars 2023

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(UPDATED: April 3rd, 2023) As many of us get back to traveling I thought it was time to update this list of countries with the most Michelin stars to help guide us on our gastronomic adventures.

Like all travelers, eventually, I stumbled across Michelin star references when reading about restaurant recommendations. For those not familiar with the rating system we’ve written an in depth guide on the meaning of Michelin stars as well as a top 10 list of Michelin chefs in the world.

As I began to learn more about food and cooking, I found inspiration from trying out new restaurants. As my confidence in the kitchen grew, I started to recreate many of my favorite dishes at home.

Unlike watching TV or reading a recipe online. Going out to eat gave me a chance to experience what the food should actually taste, smell, and look like.

Over time, I started doing the same while I was traveling. The more I traveled, the more adventurous I became, which led to eating amazing food. Discovering cool new restaurants. And being able to meet some of the amazing chefs behind them.

As my fellow traveling foodies understand. We often plan our trips around our culinary adventures. So it’s helpful to know if there will be any award-winning restaurants nearby.

Ever wonder what countries have the most Michelin stars? So did we! And to help satisfy our culinary curiosity we put together this list.

Keep reading to find out if your country made the cut.

Which country has the most Michelin star restaurants?

1. France (758) ??

2. Japan (544) ??

3. Italy (432) ??

4. Germany (388) ??

5. Spain (281) ??

6. United States (239) ??

7. United Kingdom (200) ??

8. Belgium (166) ??

9. Switzerland (141) ??

10. Hong Kong (103) ??

11. Singapore (59) ??

12. South Korea (43) ??

13. Denmark (38) ??

14. Thailand (37) ??

15. Macao (26) ??

16. Austria (26) ??

17. Taiwan (24) ??

18. Sweden (25) ??

19. Republic of Ireland (22) ??

20 Brazil (18) ??

21. Norway (13) ??

22. Croatia (10) ??

23. Finland (7) ??

24. Hungary (7) ??

25. Greece (7) ??

26. Slovenia (6) ??

27. Malta (5) ??

28. Czech Republic (2) ??

29. Poland (2) ??

30. Iceland (1) ??

31. San Marino (1) ??

So, there you have it. Any surprises? The biggest surprise for me was Croatia and Solvenia more than doubled the number of Michelin stars for each country in recent years. Having spent a lot of time in that region over the years, I’ve become addicted to the local tavern food and seaside seafood places.

If you are interested in seeing a similar list of the top cities in the world message me and we’ll put one together for you.

For the most current list and rankings visit the Michelin Guide.

PS – Special thanks to Ambassador Gunther Sleeuwagen of Belgium for pointing out that Belgium should be ranked 8th on this list (with 166 total stars) ranking it the highest country in the world for Michelin Stars per capita, even surpassing France! (Wow, I need to visit Belgium soon!)

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